Crash on part generation in the presence of tremolos

• Dec 15, 2018 - 16:18
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I don't see the pattern in the scores affected - I can generate parts for the Nutcracker Overture, which has no notes for Contrabass and Violoncello and is large. I can for a small wind section for Megalovania. I can't for either movement of Dvorak, which is an issue as the Dvorak parts were the entire point of that score.

Dvorak crashes if I so much as try to generate a single Flute I part. Maybe voices have something to do here? I put in cues in other voices on both Dvorak Scores, but not for either the Nutcracker Overture or Megalovania.

Edit: definitely voices, I could generate a part from the one staff that didn't have cues.

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Title Crash on part generation if parent score staff contains 2,3, or 4 voices Crash on part generation with multiple voices
Priority P0 - Critical

Confirmed, although there must be more to it than that since other scores with multiple voices can have parts generated successfully.

Alright, maybe it isn't voices, or the cue notes? I managed to generate parts on Contrabasso and Violoncello in Mvt1, so I tried some more things to isolate, short of actually building MS3, which is a thing I should do.

I found that when I tried to fake generate a part by making staves invisible, that also crashed the program. I did manage to find out that I could have both Violin II and Viola as the only two visible staves without crashing, though simply moving around the score crashed once, and I got this fun artifact


So maybe it's another layout thing? There are no mmrests, and Vl. II and Viola both crash if they are the only staves visible, but don't if they have even one other staff onscreen. To save clicks, attaching score with everything invisible except those two staves.

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Title Crash on part generation with multiple voices Crash on part generation

Still happens. Use the attached score. It's not voices, my previous post. No idea what it actually is, maybe someone can run debug, see what happens when it crashes?

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Title Crash on part generation Crash on part generation in the presence of tremolos

OS: Windows 7 SP 1 (6.1), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 9769dff

Tremolo problem. In the attached score above, delete all tremolos avoids the issue.

From scratch:

1) Default score
2) Enter two notes -> add tremolo
3) Generate parts -> New all -> Ok
----> Crash



Does this extend to other staves in the piece? Because if I try generating a flute part, it crashes there too, and the flutes don't have tremolos.

Might be more than one issue.

But yes, seriously awesome find.

Lol, right, they have that transition that Vl. II had earlier. I think. Too many scores. You'd think I'd remember something as odd as flute tremolos, though. Thank you!