Spacing of lyrics lines too tight after export of parts

• Feb 13, 2019 - 07:41
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I have several lines of lyrics that are ok when first entered, but after exporting the parts to pdf the spacing between the lines is too tight. It can be corrected by 'reset style', but then after the next export the spacing is wrong again. The problem occurs with several scores, all of which were created from the standard 'grand staff' template. I am attaching a screenshot and an example score.

reply from Marc Sabatella:
"I can confirm. My guess is the problem has to do with having made the top staff small in the piano part, somewhere that setting is confusing the export of the score. Interesting bug! Can you report this officially in the issue tracker (eg, via Help / Report a Bug, from within MuseScore)? Be sure yo give steps to reproduce the problem. I did by using File / Export Parts and then looking at the "score and parts" PDF file. It looked messed up, and then so did the score itself until I made any edit that forced a relayout."

1. prepare score with two or more lines of lyrics (see attached file). As Marc said, it may be important to have a small staff in one of the parts in orde to reproduce the behavior
2. exit musescore
3. open the score again: lyrics spacing is wrong
4. "reset style": spacing is correct
5. file/export parts --> lyrics spacing is wrong again

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: a8b90a8

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The two parts are fine, the score export (the file labeled "Score_and_Parts") is bad, starting at bar 11. Both in the PDF output and then in the score itself, until you do something that forces a full relayout.

The unusual thing about this score is that one staff is full size in the score but then small in one of the parts.

I can reproduce from scratch in a score without small staves at all. Multiple lines of lyrics get squished in any "export parts" operation, it seems.

Problem is that we set MScore::pixelRatio in anticipation of saving the PDF, but we do it too soon, before doing a relayout of the score in page view.

It's an easy fix, but I'm a little concerned that there might turn out to some system dependencies here (on screen resolution or whatever) much like the issues we had text size in image capture. Which is to say, just because my fix works for me, I can't guarantee it works for everyone.

Also, I see we set pdfPrinting before the layout, which seems unwise even if isn't actually used except during drawing. And Score::print() was going to do that for us anyhow. So I'm inclined to remove that while I'm at it, but again, I don't fully understand what this is dong (some sort of font substitution/embedding in sym.cpp I guess).