Adding Instrument, after changing location in the Dialog, leads to crash

• May 23, 2019 - 16:28
Reported version
P0 - Critical
S2 - Critical


In the attached file: wild slur.mscz

Open instruments (press i)
Add an instrument (I added a violin)
Click OK

Result: CRASH

Crash report being sent with this issue number.
This report was edited because I discovered it is not necessary to move the added instrument. Severity upgraded to blocker since I can't add any instrument. Will do further testing.


The score leading to the crash was created using the Save as... command. I can't recreate the crash using a new empty score.

Severity S1 - Blocker S3 - Major

I agree, so severity should be reduced. I'm not sure what causes the crash though.

Severity S3 - Major S2 - Critical
Status active needs info
Priority P0 - Critical

I can't reproduce this. Is that the right file? Are you using any non-default soundfonts?

Also, FYI - from the issue guidelines: "S1 - Blocker - The bug prevents a user from running/opening MuseScore."

I can reeproduce. Stack trace:
1 std::__atomic_base::load atomic_base.h 396 0xaed530
2 QAtomicOps::load qatomic_cxx11.h 227 0xaed530
3 QBasicAtomicInteger::load qbasicatomic.h 103 0xdcecf0
4 QtPrivate::RefCount::ref qrefcount.h 55 0xdb254f
5 QString::QString qstring.h 958 0xd84e4d
6 Ms::Channel::synti instrument.h 155 0xdd9268
7 Ms::MixerTrackPart::updateNameLabel mixertrackpart.cpp 173 0x530198
8 Ms::MixerTrackPart::MixerTrackPart mixertrackpart.cpp 102 0x52f99e
9 Ms::Mixer::updateTracks mixer.cpp 396 0x52af65
10 Ms::Mixer::setPlaybackScore mixer.cpp 319 0x52a9b8
11 Ms::Mixer::setScore mixer.cpp 331 0x52aa1f
12 Ms::MuseScore::instrumentChanged musescore.cpp 6415 0x4f8703
13 Ms::MuseScore::endCmd musescore.cpp 5835 0x4f57df
14 Ms::Score::endCmd cmd.cpp 189 0x98f3ca
15 Ms::MuseScore::editInstrList instrdialog.cpp 538 0x4acc70
16 Ms::MuseScore::cmd musescore.cpp 5917 0x4f5d5d
17 Ms::MuseScore::cmd musescore.cpp 5757 0x4f51d3
18 Ms::MuseScore::qt_static_metacall moc_musescore.cpp 855 0x40a306
19 ZN11QMetaObject8activateEP7QObjectiiPPv 0x68c81805
20 ZN12QActionGroup7hoveredEP7QAction 0x262e4ee5

Hmm. The stack trace shows the problem happens getting information from the synthesizer to display in the name label in the mixer. So, if not soundfont specifically, seems somehow related to the synthesizer.

I thought maybe from the trace I'd be able to reproduce by having the mixer open when executing the steps, but no such luck.

I did a typo above. The score was created using Save Selection... not Save as... also I'm not using the HQ soundfont, but when I switched to it I still got the crash.

Workaround Yes No

I was creating smaller score out of a larger score for a different issue. I decided to add a little bit more to it using copy and paste. When I tried to add the instrument, that's when it crashed. The whole score does not crash.

It's not related to the soundfont. I just switched to the MuseScore_General.sf3 and still got the crash. I've also gotten the crash with MuseScore_General_HQ.sf3 and AegeanSymphonicOrchestra-v2_2.sf2.

Workaround No Yes

I agree. If I do anything between opening the score and pressing i the crash doesn't happen, so this is the workaround. It should now be easier to trace down the crash and fix it.

Title Adding Instrument leads to crash. Adding Instrument, after changing location in the Dialog, leads to crash

Ok, I can reproduce now from scratch.


1) New score for two instruments, say Flute and Oboe (test file: Flute Oboe.mscz )
2) Save/Exit/Reopen
3) Press "I" -> Click arrow up for toggling Oboe in top staff: Oboe UP.mscz
4) Save/Exit/Reopen
5) Press "I" -> Add an instrument, eg Violin -> Ok

Result: crash
(you notice that, as observed first, an action before entering in the dialog, step #5, eg Escape, allows to avoid the crash)

  • Ditto by keeping a single instrument, the one which had changed its location in the dialog: Oboe UP single.mscz

  • And so no issue if step #3 does not take place.

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