Add a way to select/deselect all in Selection Filter

• Sep 13, 2014 - 07:55
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Sometimes it would be handy to be able to select or deselect all the checkboxes in the selection filter dialog.


What about this feature request ? Planned near or far?
I see queries in that direction on forums (for guitar).
For deselect, I quote, eg: "it's a bit tedious"

Ideally this would be a three-state checkbox between "select all" (checkbox checked), "select none" (checkbox unchecked) and "custom selection" (checkbox entirely filled with a square or similar). When in "select all" or "select none" modes, changing another selection (e.g. Voice 1) would automatically switch to "custom selection" mode.

OK. I open the selection filter and the selection is "all". Now I want to select four filters. I deselect "all" and then make my filter selections. The next time I open the selection filter I want to select different filters I have to select "all" and then deselect "all" to make my new selections. Is this how I interpret it?

You can select any checkboxes no matter what the top checkbox is set to, and it will update to match what's below it. As a "three state checkbox," it's not limited to Boolean on/off—it can also be "partially on", reflecting when some of the boxes are checked and some aren't. In the Mac OS X style, that's represented by a horizontal line in the box.

Can the dashed checkbox be made a little bit bolder?
Yes, but it will change the dash pattern.

The normal, non dashed, check mark is 2.0.

The current thickness (the one in the gif above) is 1.3.

Capture d'écran 2016-06-19 20.00.29.png


Capture d'écran 2016-06-19 19.58.00.png


Capture d'écran 2016-06-19 20.02.05.png

1.3 and 1.5 both look good to me. @lasconic, was the 3-state dashed box a Qt built-in or did you have to override something?

What happens if I am in the custom (dashed) state and I press it 3 times? Does it return to the dashed state? Is my selection remembered from the last time I was in the dashed state?

1.5 works out good.

Just wondering if it would make sense to slightly bolden the 'All' label text as well. It might become too heavy though, but if all boxes are checked or unchecked, it will help to set this option apart.

I tried to differentiate the first item from the others but without success. It would probably require to change the QListWidget by a QTreeView. So that would be for later.