Need "are you sure?" option to prevent user accidentally deleting palettes

• Jun 30, 2015 - 15:56
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

I've noticed that when you right-click and select "delete palette", MS deletes it without requesting confirmation. There is a possibility of deleting palettes accidentally every time you right click on them!

Can we have a confirmation ("are you sure?") box just to be on the safe side.


I have a slightly different suggestion. Remove the ability to delete a palette, and replace it with a checkbox to hide the palette instead. I can understand why someone might want to 'tidy up' and not see things they almost never use, but I don't really see why a user would need to permanently delete any of the palettes.

To 'unhide' the hidden palettes, there would need to be a "Show Hidden" checkbox, either at the top (next to the word 'Palettes') or in the blank space below the last palette in the list.

I don't think you *can* delete any of the predefined palettes in the predefined workspaces, so you can always get them back easily enough. Only palettes in a custom workspace can be deleted as far as I know. So you can always get the original palette back by saving it from one of the predefined workspaces. The only danger is deleting something you created yourself, but I think a confirmation dialog is more than sufficient protection against that. We allow deleting all sorts of other things, I can't see why we shouldn't continue to allow this. Not allowing it would probably generate complaints, just as is the case with the inability to delete custom text styles.

Yes , we can only delete palettes from custom workspace , so are you suggesting we add this thing in predefined workspace as well ?