Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Accidental too close to note closed 7 8 years
The parsed form of Chord Symbols is not recreated when reloading a score closed 3 8 years
Empty rhythm flags above the line for Tab needs info 9 7 years
pause multimesures closed 1 6 years
(MusicXML) Export of beam is incomplete closed 2 12 years
[Trunk] Ties don't copy closed 1 11 years
[MusicXML import] [trunk] import error: 31c-MetronomeMarks.xml missing beat-unit long closed 5 3 years
Undo Staff Types causes crash closed 6 4 years
'Beam Properties' palette doesn't show properties of a beamed note when selected closed 4 2 years
Show handles on both sides of brackets active 3 2 years
Unable to move cursor on text via clicking closed 3 8 years
incorrect layout with user offset applied to notes and/or chords closed 4 8 years
In certain cases text barely fits in download button on home page closed 4 7 years
Polysynth instrument acting weird active 0 6 years
Palette item positioning with mouse closed 5 13 years
For accordion: Insert a register toolbar closed 16 1 month
[Trunk] 1.1 scores open according to default paper size closed 4 11 years
Stem disappears when layered note is moved an octave by ctrl+up closed 9 4 years
Search/Find action is not working closed 2 8 years
Reference title in header/footer closed 2 7 years
8va affects all staves instead of single staff closed 2 13 years
Partition closed 3 2 years
Tooltips are displayed black on black in dark style closed 10 3 years
Select All does not function for all text objects (e.g., Title) closed 4 9 years
too much space before closing repeat with wings closed 2 8 years