Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Align object to a grid or ability to align object relative to other GitHub issue 16 9 meses
Sharp and flat in Chord symbols GitHub issue 4.0 11 1 año
Title edit bug, crash when using return on non-ASCII letters GitHub issue 4.0 24 5 meses
MusicXML import problem - chords GitHub issue 4.0 5 1 año
Tab key handling when creating a new score GitHub issue 4.0 2 1 año
Allow Cut / Copy / Paste of frames GitHub issue 3.5 6 3 meses
MuseScore does not support footnotes GitHub issue P2 - Medium 3.0 12 6 meses
Scores corrupted beyond repair, containing nothing but zeros GitHub issue P1 - High 3.0 38 5 meses
Split chord across staves in cross-staff notation GitHub issue P2 - Medium 30 10 meses
Repeat last 2/4 measure not working properly in playback GitHub issue 4.0 3 1 año
Delay on opening Format- Style Option GitHub issue 4.0 5 6 meses
Volume levels are low on playback GitHub issue 4.0 6 11 meses
No Sound in clarinet high range GitHub issue 3.6 2 1 año
[EPIC] Requires MAJOR version bump GitHub issue 3 4 meses
Yamaha XF MIDI FILE format export GitHub issue 3.6 2 1 año
The loop playback doesn't play until the end of a measure of which the last "note/rest" is a rest GitHub issue 3.6 8 6 meses
Count-in missing in menu/toolbar GitHub issue 4.0 10 1 año
[MusicXML] Swing marking playback info lost upon export/reimport GitHub issue 8 8 meses
Section break causes pause before repeats and jumps during playback GitHub issue P1 - High 67 10 meses
Some notes are not playing during playback GitHub issue 4.0 15 2 meses
Can not input underscore for lyrics melisma GitHub issue 4.0 8 6 meses
Tuplet bracket & number aren't included within range selection GitHub issue 3.6 4 7 meses
PDF Export does not set the PDF "Author" Property GitHub issue 3.1 6 2 meses
Text such as "distort" and "overdrive" ignores ties on Electric Guitar in MS4 GitHub issue 4.0 9 2 meses
Muses Sounds Contrabassoon Range GitHub issue 4.x-dev 3 1 año