Chord Symbols not visible in parts after save->close->open

• Nov 5, 2016 - 22:22
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I use the latest nightly build MuseScoreNightly-2016-11-03-1931-master-221f20b.dmg
After i created a new part via "Parts..." dialog, the chord symbols from the score are visible in the new created part. After saving and opening the score again, the chord symbols are note visible anymore...
see screenshot.
My OS is OS X Yosemite (10.10.5 German)


Can you share a score showing the problem rather than just images of it?

Hmm, may not be needed, I can reproduce it with a score of mine

Yes i tried the same with the My first Score Demo example and it didn't work.
That's the reason why i didn't attach my score.

Is someone working on this? I tried it with the newest sources but it is still not working ;)
To reproduce:
-> take the Demo Score or a new one
-> enter chord symbols
-> create a new part
-> save the file
-> close and open it again. You'll see no chord symbols in the part/or parts...

I can confirm the bug. Lots has changed in how 3.0 does things so I'm not too confident about trying to fix it myself right now. But obviously it's a bug and will be fixed before release.

More issues: Adding more chord symbols to the score with parts (after reopening) and they are not propagated to the parts at all, but do interrupt multi measure rests in those

Checking the diff between a 'My First Score' with a single chord symbol and one with parts shows that

  • there are a couple extra 'lid' tags (for vbox, title, composer, timesig, harmony and every rest)
  • of course the part has been added
  • that part does lists the 'harmony' tag corresponding to the chord symbol

Opening that score in 2.0.3 (overriding the warning) shows the chord symbols, so that too indicates that all the information needed is there, no data loss, but just not displayed properly

Now we'd need cadiz1 to do his magic on finding between which nightlies this got introduced:-)

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Very former issue. Most likely (or surely) since the new layout code merged in mid-April.

Indeed, due to this issue, #108056: Generating parts doesn't show the tabs at first, fixed the same day, it it impossible to create parts before April 25.
But I observe that it fails already (no chords in parts after save-reload) precisely with this nightly on April 25:994090f

And by reloading the test file in previous nightlies, it fails always, included this one on April 14: fe2eea4.

Thanks! Strange that it went unnoticed for so long.
Unfortunatly that newlayout merge/commit is way too large (for me) to find the lines of code responsible for the this bug. Hopefully lasconic or Werner can locate and fix it