Deleting a barline in main score will not delete the barline in parts

• Mar 6, 2017 - 22:17
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Happens in 3.0-dev c231be2 but not in 2.0.3:

  1. select or or more non-NORMAL barlines in main score
  2. press delete

Observe that in part excerpts, the barlines are not deleted.

Also if try to delete a non-NORMAL barline in a part excerpt, that nothing happens.


Severity S4 - Minor S3 - Major
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The first part before "Also" is not reproduced anymore on MuseScoreNightly-2018-03-30-2123-master-b92a6e0.dmg (MacOS).

The scenario after "Also" is confirmed.
I realized that 3.0 doesn't have "End-Start repeat" in the Barlines palette.

Priority P2 - Medium
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Bumping to make sure we look at barline issues together. This seems related to the issue where deleting a double barline in a score affects only one staff.

I've done some investigations on this topic. I found several problems.
1. By adding a new barline to a measure the linked parts/measures aren't updated. I have fixed that on my working branch already.
2. After fixing 1. one can change the barlines in the main score and all changes are correctly reflected in the parts but by deleting a barline in main score or part it only affects the current measure and the measures in the linked part but not the other measures in the system. Furthermore the barlines are no longer linked and undoing the deletion does not recreate that link. The missing link is most likely the problem for this issue.
3. After deleting a barline in a staff other than the first, you can't assign a new barline style. You have to apply this style to all staves by changing the top staff. After that everything works as before besides the staff where a barline was deleted (parts don't reflect changes any more)

My thought at the moment is to change two things.
1. In undoChangeBarLineType every change should be done based on the measure in the main score, so it automatically changes for every staff in score and every part.
2. The remove action shouldn't actually remove the segment but just change the bar line type again.