Instrument names incorrectly positioned when part contains both hidden and visible staves

• Sep 24, 2018 - 14:38
Reported version
S3 - Major
  1. Open attached score (produced in 2.3.2).

Result: Empty staves appear (see attached images for expected and actual results).


Also reproducible in a new score.
Only PDF exports the actual result faithfully (PNG and SVG do not show the problem).

Using MuseScore 3.0 Nightly Build 9647b18 - Mac 10.11.6.


Severity S4 - Minor S3 - Major

And this is a core functionality we need make sure to work properly (after all 'Use "Hide empty staves"' is #2 in the FAQs), so upgraded to major

I think I rewinded the first mentioned pull request but the error still occurs. The reason should be something different.

For my personal use I have a patch available. But I doubt it is the most efficient solution.

Indeed, the instrument names are still visible even though the empty staves (and all of the elements within) seem to be hidden as expected.

Hold on, why are the TAB staves empty? Shouldn't they be linked to the standard staves above? This is causing the instrument names to be displayed incorrectly.

I think perhaps you did not understand what I meant. Usually when an instrument is represented by a TAB staff and a standard staff, the two staves are linked so that they will always contain the same music. This appears to not be the case in your score. The TAB staves are empty even though their counterpart standard staves are not. This is causing the TAB staves to be hidden even though the instruments have notes in those measures, which in turn is causing problems when it comes to displaying the instrument names.

Hi Matt,

I thought I did understand, but I'll try to explain more.

Hidden notes were entered so that I could hide certain staves in the first system (see #43916: Exceptions to hidden staves for specific systems), but what you describe is deliberate because, as well as doubts regarding the reliability of linked staves (and parts, incidentally), they may not handle ottava well (see #29986: Ottava notes from music staff do not translate correctly to linked tablature).

Hope that helps?

Okay, that makes sense. There seems to be a problem with positioning the instrument name when the instrument contains multiple staves, at least 1 of which (but not all) is hidden. If all staves of an instrument are hidden, the instrument name is hidden (as it should be). If none of the instrument's staves are hidden, the instrument name is positioned properly.

Title Hidden Staves appear when Hide Empty Staves enabled Instrument names incorrectly positioned when part contains both hidden and visible staves
Status (old) active patch (code needs review)
Status active  

I changed the title to better describe the current problem. I also located the source of the problem, and fixed it with this patch: