Empty entries Menu Bar under Plug-Ins

• Mar 26, 2019 - 10:55
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I am using Mac OS Mojave (10.14) and downloaded some PlugIns (https://musescore.org/en/plugins).
Then, I installed them normally.
But when I restarted MuseScore, there where many blank menu entrys under Plug-Ins.

Please, fix that! Thank you.



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I downloaded the four plugins and enabled exactly the 7 plugins you selected, but couldn't reproduce it on Windows. Maybe it's a Mac-specific problem? I'm not sure...
These blank menus should disappear if you disable those plugins, right?

Is there any workaround? I have the same problem here with Mac High Sierra. Now I can't use the plugins any more

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I reopen this issue (which composes a "trilogy" with the first two ones about Plugins reported yesterday).
This issue is not fixed yet with the 3.2.2. To reproduce from scratch. Steps:

1) Default score -> In Plugin Manager, tick say only "Notenames" and "TempoChanges" (so, the first line of the list, ie, ABC Import, is disabled)
And presuming you have only Basic or Advanced Workspace for the moment.

2) Quit (Ctlr + Q)/ Restart

3) Create a first custom workspace. For settings, leave the default, ie don't select ANY extra components to save with the workspace ->Save

4) Create a second workspace. But here tick "Menu Bar" only -> Save
Remains in this second workspace

5) Quit/Reload
First result in menu "Plugins". Nothing especial right now.

6) Redo "Quit and Reload."

And now, each time you exit and restart the program, a new empty line will appeared in the menu.

Here the state after three Quit/Reload


  • The fix (workaround):

With the same custom workspace displayed: menu "View" -> Workspaces -> Edit -> Untick "Menu bar" -> Save

When I said last night that I had doubts about the possible interaction of the ABC Import plugin (or the first line? it's really tricky) with other plugins, I still have them.
Last night, for example, I noticed problems, a possible interaction with the second plugin in the list, namely for me "Black notes".
And with this reopened issue, I see that the plugin "Notenames" is necessary. If I replace it with the plugin "Random", the issue does not occur. A bit mysterious here for now.

Finally, to drive the nail in, you will see in an image attached to this comment that we have the same starting scenario: "ABC import"/first line disabled, and "Notenames" is well in the list: https://musescore.org/en/node/286727#comment-906696

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit e9dca95f64

_fix #286727: prevent empty menu entries in custom workspaces

Some menu entries (e.g. plugins) are added independently of the
workspaces framework so do not have any corresponding strings
registered. Writing them to .workspace file makes empty menu entries
appear in custom workspaces. This commit fixes that by not storing
such entries in workspace files._

Fix version