Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Grace notes needing cross staff closed 15 3 years
Measure repeat sign always on top when dragged from palette closed 9 12 years
Measure numbers doesn't care about Voltas by design 3 6 years
A triplet is not moved from one voice to another duplicate 9 2 years
Lines beginning with # interpreted as formatting by design 3 5 years
Cannot delete number in second time signature box with one digit closed 2 10 years
New Instrument Selection Menu for the Create Score Dialogue closed 36 9 years
Instrument names in Continuous View off-centre closed 8 8 years
HowTos for 1.x _and_ 2.0 duplicate 4 3 years
No status bar in nightly build closed 5 6 years
Problems with a few demo scores + one typo closed 2 12 years
File containing a horizontal frame directly before a bar with a line break cannot be opened closed 1 12 years
Runs from installer but crashes on startup without report window closed 14 9 years
corruption in vtest sample scores closed 4 8 years
Crash on paste if a tied-to note would cross a barline closed 9 7 years
Caesuras positioned 1sp too high by layout code, and specified to be 1sp too low in MScore/Emmentaler font closed 8 6 years
[Website] Attachments with number sign (#) breaks link closed 1 11 years
Moving first dynamic on this score causes crash closed 23 9 years
Clefs missing in part closed 8 3 years
Entering note and undo causes crash closed 7 8 years
crash after undo of paste that creates tie forward closed 4 7 years
Danish language: Instruments: General: Woodwinds: Bassoon and Contrabassoon; wrong translation closed 10 3 years
Make copy/paste between transposing instruments preserve concert pitch closed 4 12 years
MusicXML import of "none" text for <bar-style> element is ignored. closed 5 12 years
Cursor snaps to wrong place closed 2 12 years