Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Display bug in viola da gamba tablatures linked to eighth note ligature properties active 3.4 4 3 years
Changing Style Suddenly Messes with Verse Formatting needs info 3.4 4 3 years
crashing on save after i remove a time signiture needs info 3.4 4 3 years
Bravura dotted tempo bug: dot is too close to tempo marking when using Bravura font needs info 4.x-dev 4 9 months
"Help us improve MuseScore" dialog contents are misplaced active 3.x-dev 4 3 years
"To Coda" is not working in playback needs info 3.6 4 9 months
Shortcuts for linked staff and tablature : how to go from score to tablature and then go back to score ? active 3.2 4 3 years
Installing an extension causes program to bomb active 3.5 4 3 years
Glitches needs info 3.4 4 3 years
Trills played through MS Basic sounds are unrealistically fast regardless of tempo active 4.0 4 6 months
MuseScore Doesn't make any sound needs info 3.5 4 3 years
Bad notes length (shortened) when exporting midiFile using museScore active 3.5 4 3 years
Resources Musescore needs info 4.x-dev 4 8 months
Chord symbol playback: remove "Interpretation" from Inspector and substitute with a "Jazz Style" tickbox? active 3.5 4 2 years
Chord Symbol plays when adjusting position active 4.0 4 8 months
[Automatic Placement] Unnecessary colission avoidance in figured bass active 3.5 4 2 years
in instruments.xml, bracketSpan staff="2" spans too many staves, in the wrong place active 3.5 4 1 year
Application crashes trying to open particular file previously created in the same application (both v4) active 4.0 4 8 months
Eb tuba sounds like C needs info 4.0 4 7 months
Append measures dialog: cursor does not almost move to text box on Windows active 3.6 4 2 years
Deleting all text in edit mode breaks Undo active 3.6 4 2 years
Glissando on final tied note causes it to repeat, rather than sustain active 3.6 4 2 years
Playback Extremely decreased in volume needs info 3.6 4 1 year
Play Panel as study guide active 3.6 4 6 months
Adding instruments results in invisible parts in mixer and blank information of the instrument active 4.0 4 8 months