Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Score properties like title, author, ... not or incorrectly exported to MIDI active 3.6 0 9 Monaten
Strings portamento gliss. always ends with 1st note repeated, pizzicato active 3.6 3 10 Monaten
Audio Troubles needs info 3.6 8 ein Jahr
Page Setting Changes active 3.6 0 ein Jahr
Tabs bar / active tab position resets after printing active 3.6 0 2 Jahren
Rendering bug: jazz lead sheet: A(sus) active 3.6 5 10 Monaten
"Measure Number" align changes after reopening active 3.6 16 2 Jahren
Suggestion: Toggle Automatic Beaming Starting on Upbeats (in Common Time) active 3.6 6 2 Jahren
Changing instruments on single staff leading to problems. needs info 3.6 13 9 Monaten
Uploaded file not syncing with playback when using Synthesiser Audio source active 3.6 0 7 Monaten
Accordeon Symbols can collide with staff lines, and in general don't avoid colissions with other elements active 3.6 9 ein Jahr
"Paste Double Duration" function when pasting a passage with a "repeat measure sign" makes those measures unusuable active 3.6 5 ein Jahr
Advance Style Properties - Tablature Stave: Cannot save changes as Apply Button if off the bottom of screen active 3.6 1 2 Jahren
Pasting cross-staff tuplets into the wrong staff results in a crash active 3.6 6 ein Jahr
Vertical frame: "Enable Auto-Size" does not work for heights less than 10 sp. active 3.6 7 2 Jahren
Handbook revision pages: solitary entry on new page cannot be compared to previous revisions active 3.6 1 2 Jahren
Suggestion: Changeable order of notes in drum set palette active 3.6 1 5 Monaten
The notes sound bugged needs info 3.6 1 4 Monaten
Request for a Diatonic instrument definition active 3.6 9 ein Jahr
In staff fingerings are not placed well active 3.6 1 9 Monaten
Moving Musescore screen to another monitor caused application to lock when dialogs requested active 3.6 0 5 Monaten
Doesn't recognize headphones as a playback sound option active 3.6 8 ein Jahr
Setting PDF resolution to 2000 DPI has strange effect on braces, not spanning the entire range active 3.6 23 ein Jahr
Additional tempos text not displayed when Palette menu too shrinked active 3.6 0 ein Jahr
Suddenly Closed needs info 3.6 1 2 Jahren