individual text style is not imported from V2-score

• Oct 27, 2018 - 11:31
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I have a score with an individual text style (alt. chords) that had been added by the creator.
It seems that this style is not imported and simply ignored.
See appended score.

Generally it seems that the creation of "own" styles is no more supported - am I right?

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there are 6 user defined (or rather definable) text styles in 3.0
And this is where user defined ones from 2.x should end up in
There are now also 2 different styles for chord symbols

Should an import then map the user style to one of the 4 predefined styles? If so, I see no problem (but it doesn't work this way in the moment).
About the alternative style: I now see this possibility - but no way, how to define this 2nd style. It does not appear in the list of styles anywhere.

Same problem here. My scores (almost all +/- 900 of them) have an average of 10 additional text styles and I find that only 3 of them (3, not 6, and apparently chosen at random but I didn't investigate this detail) are imported in MS 3.0.1.

This is not a minor issue, as listed above, it is mission-critical ad, yes, it is (at least conceptually) a regression! Text styles have been one of the greatest ideas of MS 2 and, after all the indecision about them in MS 3, I kind of expected things to end up not optimal. If all the text styles in an MS2 score are not going to be imported in MS3, I do not see much alternative to dropping MS 3 and, in perspective, to drop MS altogether.

For sure, I am not going to manually modify 900 score files. I have already done that with MS 1 and then again with MS 2. Luckily there were much fewer files at that times, but I still have not completed the last migration. For sure, I am not starting a new migration again. This assuming MS 3 can ultimately accommodate all the styles I need, if it cannot, then who knows? I find this shortcomings in supporting long term projects one of the major limit in current MS situation.

Just for information, my usual additional text styles are for:

1) Note number (for note numbers in the score, referring to the critical apparatus items)
2) Nigræ (for the signs marking the beginning of coloratio at stave level)
3) Nigræ End (for the signs marking the end of coloratio at stave level)
4) Nigræ High (for the signs marking the beginning of coloratio above stave level)
5) Nigræ High End (for the signs marking the end of coloratio above stave level)
6) Blank page (for texts to be placed in pages left blank)
7) Bowing (for textual bowing indication, like "p" and "t" used in viola da gamba repertoire)
8) Lyrics odd line italics (for lyrics texts marked to be editorial replacements for "ij" symbols)
9) Addition Start (for signs, mostly open parentheses, indicating the start of a filled-in lacuna)
10) Addition End (for signs, mostly closed parentheses, indicating the end of a filled-in lacuna)

For all these items, it is really important to ensure consistency across the files of single edition and across the various editions. Text styles are there for this exact purpose, I assume.

I could possibly do without style 6) and, with additional, pointless bother, without style 8), but not the others. And I really dislike that such a limitation is imposed on users after the fact (i.e. once additional text styles have been usable and used for years in older scores).

I think that raising the limit to slightly above the current maximum number of used additional text styles (JinCoCo in quotes 18, so possibly 25?) is the minimum required to support previous users (those who made MS the success it is) and this limitation should be documented clearly. Still, lifting this hard-coded limit would be the real solution.

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On version 2.3.2 If i click a note ex. CTRL T I could change the colour of the text, and all that text would be the colour picked. It now no longer works. Secondly if i Copy that text EX. CTRL T and paste to another CTRl T it pastes but in one Horizontal Line not vertical as the previous version does.