Courtesy accidentals disappear after an octave change using Ctrl + Up/Down

• Jul 26, 2019 - 14:18
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I searched for it and it's actually included in #281272: Automatically apply accidentals, but that submit is like an integration of several different issues and suggestions, so I'd like to create a new one for your convenience.


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Courtesy accidentals needed in one octave would not be needed in another, so it should normally be correct to lose them. That said, there could be special cases where it might be desired to keep them, so we could consider a new command for that. Better, I think, to add the automatic facility as discussed in the other issue. But I'll leave this open as a suggestion as well.

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Yes it's indeed better to implement the automatic mechanism. The reason I think the courtesy accidentials should be kept is that I believe Ctrl + Up/Down is mostly useful to move large sections, for example letting the flute having the same melody with 1st violins but up an octave, so in this case the courtesy accidentials shouldn't be removed if you copy-and-paste 1st violins to flute and move up an octave.

Title Courtesy accidentials disappear after an octave change using Ctrl + Up/Down Courtesy accidentals disappear after an octave change using Ctrl + Up/Down

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The context being, now that the behavior of the accidental toolbar buttons has changed to affect the next note rather than the current one, it becomes harder to enter courtesy accidentals in note input mode using computer keyboqrd entry. If you want to enter an F# in the key of G, for example, you click the sharp button, then type F, and you get the courtesy accidental, but if the octave is wrong, you'll want to change the octave, and then it's lost. Meaning you need to leave note input mode to enter it. Not good. So whatever reservations I might have had in the past about changing the behavior of octave up/down, I think this change to the accidental behavior does necessitate a change to the octave up/down commands to preserve user accidentals.

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I do agree with your general sentiment Marc but need to leave note input mode to enter it... is not totally correct. You can double click the proper accidental in the palette while in note input mode, but I don't want to have to grab my mouse to accomplish this, it breaks up the workflow. This is a temporary workaround until the issue is resolved.

Ah, good point about the accidentals palette, I forget that even exists sometimes. FWIW, Shift+tab sends cursor control over to the palette, and it remembers the last-applied element, to Shift+tab, Enter will reapply it. Yyou can also define a shortcut specifically for "apply current palette element" to make it one click. This could be useful if you're entering notes only so you won't be mixing between adding accidentals and, say, articulations. I'm gradually getting accustomed to new ways of working with the palette, and this particular trick (not with accidentals, but with dynamics) is one I've been enjoying.