Cannot move tied note into another voice

• Sep 3, 2015 - 17:39
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S3 - Major

Steps to repeat:

1) Create a new piece
2) Enter a note with tie: "n" (enter notes) + "c" (add note) + "+" (add tie)
3) Ctrl + a (Select all notes)
4) Ctrl + Alt + 2 (Move to voice 2)
5) Stop entering notes: "n"
6) Select note with mouse => it is still in voice 1

There seems to be absolutely no way to move a tied the note into another voice.

Expected behaviour is of course:
6) Select note with mouse => note has been changed from voice 1 to voice 2


Yes, this is a known limitation. There are others as well. This new-to-2.0 feature was provided as a convenience for the cases where it happens to be very simple and straightforward - no ties or tuplets, and the voice you are moving to has to not already contain notes on that beat (or if it does contain notes, the duration much match exactly). So there are lots of situations where it cannot work. The more reliable way to move notes between voices is a whole measure at a time via Edit / Voices or to simply re-enter the note.

I considered it minor at the time because the function was deliberately limited from the very beginning. It was never really meant to be a foolproof voice-moving feature, because the very nature of the task is that sometimes notes *cannot* be moved - the destination is not empty. It's just meant to be a convenience for the relatively small handful of situations where it *can* actually work. Just as I explained previously. But sure, if we can fix this case we should.

My problem with this is that when using the 'exchange voices' feature, in which the destination is guaranteed to be empty, tied notes still aren't switched.

To use the exchange voice feature with tied notes, you have to select the entire measures that include the tied notes. You can then move untied notes that were moved back to the proper voice using ctrl-alt-#. This isn't what most people want, but for the time being this is the workaround.

If for some reason you want only part of the tied note moved to another voice, you can select the measure and only that part of the tie will be moved to the other voice and the 2 notes will still be tied and played correctly.

That is how I did this
tied across measures.png

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To be clear: the "exchange voice" feature is totally different from the "move to voice" feature. The limitation / bug involving ties only affects the *move to voice* command - the command that you invoke by pressing a voice button with a note or notes selected. The *exchange voices* command - the one you invoke via Edit / Voices - works fine with ties. If someone is seeing a case where it doesn't, we would need a sample score and steps to reproduce the problem.

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Frequency is how often this has been reported. There are many people who have mentioned this issue.

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Has this been fixed in the upcoming build? This is a horrible problem -- I have a perfectly good staff with many notes, one voice only, and I wish to move them all to Voice 2 before inserting a different voice 1. Tied notes refuse to move. This is absolutely new and different and very, very bad..... this is major, not minor.

I considered it minor since the problem only occurs when trying to move individual notes or small sets of notes within a single measure. If you truly have a whole staff full of notes, you can use Tools / Voices to move the entire selection, ties and all. So this limitation really shouldn't be getting the way of large-scale voice exchange at all. If you are finding that Tools / Voices isn't working for you, please explain in more detail.

And indeed, none of this has changed in any way since 2.x

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