Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
the organ playback doesnt stop needs info 4.0 1 ein Jahr
Ability to modify the instrument, for the score execution only. needs info 4.0 5 ein Jahr
Unable to reopen Musescore 4 running on Windows 11 needs info 4.0 1 ein Jahr
Back arrow not working needs info 4.0 1 ein Jahr
Cannot upload a score to the cloud - receive an error "your score could not be published" needs info 4.0 9 11 Monaten
Crashes on open a file needs info 4.0 1 ein Jahr
MP3 format not working in Manjaro Linux GitHub issue 4.0 7 ein Jahr
Beaming across rests results in collisions active 4.0 6 ein Jahr
New trumpet Can't play Low Range GitHub issue 4.0 5 4 Tagen
Muse String portamento active 4.0 1 2 Monaten
Can't Change Time Signatures active 4.0 1 ein Jahr
A tie won't play GitHub issue 4.0 12 11 Monaten
Changing the default palette scale makes the contents of palettes disappear active 4.0 1 ein Jahr
Playback issue. needs info 4.0 17 ein Jahr
Notes that cancel themselves. needs info 4.0 2 ein Jahr
Playback causes crash active 4.0 1 ein Jahr
Basic sounds don't work needs info 4.0 2 ein Jahr
Musescore 4.0 instrument name problem active 4.0 5 5 Monaten
Crashes When Removing or Switching Out FabFilter Pro-Q 3 active 4.0 2 ein Jahr
VST plugins not receiving note-off; VST plugins not receiving pitch bend information active 4.0 1 ein Jahr
French Chords problem with Re active 4.0 7 ein Jahr
MIDI Note Input is Inconsistent active 4.0 1 ein Jahr
Pop-up windows on split screen. active 4.0 6 ein Jahr
Adding Tie crashed MuseScore 4; Attempts to re-open file crash MuseScore 4 (possible file corruption) active 4.0 0 ein Jahr
Playback about 1.25 of a halfstep lower than written down (Musescore 4) active 4.0 4 3 Monaten