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• Nov 23, 2019 - 18:47
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Severity is debatable, but there's not really an alternative but to click, ctrl+click, ctrl+click... so it's a big deal if you have a mix of triplets and straight 8th notes. I don't even count this as a viable workaround.

Bug: Create a score with a variety of triplets and non triplets with the same duration for the written notes. I found this using 8th notes. Here is one of several measures in a row with the same rhythm in a couple of instruments.

8th triplets.PNG

I wanted to select only the triplet 8th notes and apply staccato as in the above picture. I selected a large region, right clicked an 8th note inside the triplet, chose Select>More... and the window gave me the option of "Triplet Eighth." I checked this box and "In selection" and all 8th notes were selected. From the dialog I expected only the triplet 8th notes to be selected.

To fix this there are two possibilities. 1) Change the selected note to 8th note, which is what is actually happening and there will be no expectation that only the triplet 8th note will be selected. 2) Add another checkbox that says All eighth notes when an 8th note inside a tuplet is selected. 2 is the more desirable but I'm sure 1 is much easier.


There are two properties we can check, "DURATION" and "DURATION_TYPE". One is the actual duration measured in ticks (eg, an eighth note is longer than an eighth note triplet), the other is the more "abstract" duration (all eighths are created equal). Looks like the dialog is displaying the former but actually using the former. Both seem useful here, I'd recommend just adding a new field.

BTW, it works the way you prefer for rests...

The rest duration rather obscure. I had to look around to find it. I would expect the subtype to be the eighth or triplet eighth depending on which you right click.

Since triplet eighths and normal eighths are musically different kinds of notes, I'd recommend not to add another check box but to directly narrow down the search to the same DURATION.

Adding the option of all 8 notes is reasonable, it's not too unusual sounding to want all 8th notes selected - in tuplets or not.

They would if they wanted all of the 8th notes to have staccato on them. The scenario would more likely be a mix of 1/4 & 8th notes rather than only various 8 notes.

TO me both cases seem equally likely. Music where there is a mix of long notes legato notes and short staccato notes is not uncommon at all, and it would be not uncommon for the short uncommon notes to include mixtures of ordinary and triplet eighths, so you'd want to select all the short notes together to add the staccato. In fact this seems likely to be rather more common than a need to select only the triplets or only the non-triplets, but the above examples show that legitimate use cases exist for that as well. Anyhow, it's just a button in the UI and like two lines of code to support both, so it seems a no-brainer to me.

I have made the necessary code changes for the second button (and fixed the first one), now it looks like this:


Is this what you aimed for? are the names clear enough? I would like to create a PR for it
(by the way, I wanted to change the original field's description: "Same duration" to something else but didn't want the locales to break because of it)

I can see two problems with that:
1. for notes that are not tuplets (like normal eighths), what would be the difference between the values shown at "Same duration" and "Same length"? your current suggestion will have them be the same value, but they will do different things when selected.
2. nested tuplets - already a problem before this change, hard to convey that value in a message (easier to give a computed fraction), but it is an edge case.

I can't find a way to make the different functions of the two buttons intuitive without showing what's going on behind the scenes (i.e showing the fractions instead of text)

  1. When both options are the same, perhaps it could say something like "All eighth notes" to indicate it includes those in tuplets

  2. If there is a tuplet consisting of 8th notes, there will be no 8th notes in a tuplet made from one of those 8th notes, that's why I suggest the other option be 8th notes in tuplets (when an 8th note in a tuplet is right clicked) without regard to if it's part of a triplet, septuplet or any other tuplet. So the choices would be

  • 8th notes
  • all 8th notes

* tuplet 8th notes
* all 8th notes

based upon what is selected.

for the first 8th notes above you could qualify it as (not in tupets) if you think that's really necessary.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 75df39e413

_fix #297549: Selecting notes by duration only matches durationType (Eighth, 16th) and ignores tuplets

This commit fixes the "Same duration" field's bug by adding an additional field - same note length. The original field matches note's actualDurationType and the new one matches the actualTicks value_

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