Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
[github-musescore-musescore-5786bb4] Key signature incorrect with double treble closed 8 10 years
Page breaks should apply to vertical frames closed 3 10 years
No hooks on the arpeggio bracket in this score + other problems closed 12 10 years
Note beams and stems disappear closed 7 10 years
Saving a piano score as a MIDI file creates two identical tracks. closed 3 10 years
Compil error closed 4 10 years
create new score crashes when rearranging instruments after adding a linked staff closed 5 10 years
White list MuseScore at Symantec closed 2 10 years
First measure pastes with courtesy clef closed 6 10 years
set default size for coda & other symbols closed 7 10 years
Erratic handling of brackets closed 2 10 years
Rehearsal marks disappear when hiding empty staves closed 10 10 years
Staff types: The "Show barlines" setting does nothing closed 3 10 years
no dash for lyrics attached to secondary voice closed 2 10 years
accidentals not updated after inserting new key signature closed 3 10 years
[Trunk] Allow chordname entry on beats closed 2 10 years
Impossible to delete a custom barline closed 8 10 years
Where is page threshold ? closed 2 10 years
Can't apply dot after creating note in note entry mode by design 2 10 years
MuseScore scalability problem won't fix 2 10 years
Setting distance between beams doesn't work closed 4 10 years
Slash note type missing from note head palette closed 2 10 years
Stem detaches when adding particular drum note lower than existing one closed 4 10 years
Clicking on note in drumset causes crash closed 13 10 years
possible celesta error closed 6 10 years