Release notes for MuseScore 2.0.3

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MuseScore 2.0.3 was released April 6, 2016.

New features

UI improvements

Playback improvements

See also playback bugs fixed below.

Known incompatibilities with previous 2.0.x

  1. In order to make MuseScore files more compatible from one OS to an other, MuseScore 2.0.3 now ships the same version of FreeType for all operating systems. FreeType is the library which helps MuseScore to find out about the width of a notehead, for example. All the score elements metrics (but not the text) are now given by the same FreeType library. That should improve consistency across operating systems (i.e., a given score should be rendered the same on any OS with 2.0.3), but it also means that some scores might be rendered slightly differently than in 2.0.2.

  2. Slurs from one note with a stem to another note with an opposite stem are placed better in 2.0.3. Therefore, any manual adjustment to slurs in this configuration made in previous 2.0.x will look different in 2.0.3.

  3. MuseScore 2.0.3 adds cresc. and dim. dashed lines. Previous 2.0.x versions do not support this feature, and will display these lines as regular, solid hairpins. If a given score is then saved with an earlier 2.0.x and re-opened in 2.0.3, 2.0.3 will attempt to re-create the original dashed text line, but only with the default text and text properties—any changes from the defaults will be lost in this process.

Bug fixes and minor changes


  • Dragging score view no longer clears selection
  • Make synthcontrol and mixer persistent
  • Make tab index in sythesizer dialog persistent
  • New way to init diagrams from code using X-12O2 notation
  • Fix #71001: 'loading' window at startup does not close if using Qt library version == 5.5
  • Fix progress bar issues on exporting audio
  • Fix #71441 add cancel button to zerberus sfz loading
  • Fix #72491: text properties in lines added by double click
  • Fix #69866: unable to navigate into next measure in voice 2
  • Select rest (or top remaining note of chord) on note or rest delete
  • Ambitus: Ignore non-played notes
  • Fix #50686: problems with slurs crossing to higher staves
  • Fix #74021: crash on transpose with frame text selected
  • Fix #73821: toggle rhythmic slash notation does not follow links
  • Fix #73801: SECTION_BREAK on non-measure MEASURE_BASE does not reset measure numbering in next section
  • Fix #63041: editing spanner length with tuplets
  • Fix #73051: editing spanner length with multiple voices
  • Fix #70416: crash on 2-note tremolo of unbeamed 16th or shorter
  • Delete audio files on cancel when exporting audio
  • Fix #73966: bad system spacing with lyrics or spacers at page break
  • add text style type in Inspector
  • Fix #74881: crash on copy of rest into mmrest
  • Fix #22994: cross-staff grace note layout
  • Fix #58061: partial beam wrong direction in tuplets
  • Fix #75116: Add a break page by dragging it in an empty space in a score with hidden empty staves causes a crash
  • Fix #74951: hairpin appears to remain selected
  • Fix #74961: initial octave guess on note input wrong after mmrests
  • Fix #75861: crash adding timesig to note or rest on page >1
  • Fix #81456: timesig paste fails
  • Fix #53271: Beams retain slope when spanning rests
  • Fix #84296: bad import of certain chord symbols
  • Fix #84676 - Figured Bass continuation line thickness and vert. pos.
  • Fix #84806: crash adding note that creates tie in tab staff
  • Do not update Inspector if not visible. Reduces delay / lag of selecting an element.
  • Fix #83441: crash on paste of chord symbols past end of score
  • Fix #74746: diatonic transposition produces tpc corruption with transposing instruments
  • Fix #83266: Repeat measure from MuseScore 1.3 is not imported correctly in MuseScore 2
  • Limit tempo when follow text is active, allow trailing space in tempo text
  • Fix #82671: Copy pasting a single lyric syllable doesn't work
  • Fix #81501 : copy/paste containing HTML name issue
  • Fix #81371: crash/hang with frames at end of score
  • Fix #78066: add 'bass' and 'pedal' chord symbols
  • Fix #76531: handling of spaces within chord symbols
  • Fix #77366: crash adding cross-staff tie
  • Fix #78231: crash pasting chord symbol onto fret diagram
  • Fix #91271: Crash on save after creating new part from score with connecting barlines with parts selected in bottom-to-top order
  • Fix #31676 Play first note when moving multiple notes with same pitch and tuning.
  • Fix #103646: Crash after copy-paste linked measures before a system change with multimeasure rests
  • Fix #103156 Fix #74871: fixed unpredictable behaviour of adding self created time signature, fix selection of added time signature in Master Palette
  • Fix #103886: slur creation between grace notes and main notes
  • Fix #81716 update stringData frame upon instrument selection
  • Fix undo of linked staff addition when part is present
  • Fix #94911 Crash after deletion of a linked staff in a score with parts
  • Fix #99796: Linked staff becomes unlinked (causing corruption) after delete of part
  • Fix #89636, Fix #94911, Fix #70226, Fix #91351: unlink the right staves when deleting a part, or deleting a linked staff. Do not store several times the same staves in linkedStaves
  • Fix #8360: Transpose by Key doesn't transpose by perfect octaves (when transposing up or down)
  • Fix #102071: sym not processed in line properties
  • Fix #101916: undetected conflict with standard keys
  • Fix #71256: Updating Bagpipe Embellishment pitches and instrument range for correct displaying
  • Fix #102236: Palettes menu entry not translatable
  • Fix #88741: selection lost after insert measure with mmrests enabled
  • Fix #89576: reset spanner segments in range selection on Ctrl+R
  • Fix #99221: corrupt undo of delete range starting with mmrest
  • Fix #91471: alternate fix that also improves undo behavior
  • Fix #91471: layout issues and crash on system with hbox only
  • Proper error messages when pasting in local time signature or tremolo
  • Cheap partial fix for #51626: disallow copy/paste with local time signatures
  • Fix #62341: transpose chords on staff transposition change
  • Fix #78636: insert before frame fails
  • Fix #101386: crash on undo of add with inspector not shown
  • Fix #100481: "Reset Beam Mode" on selection, or entire score
  • Fix #100406
  • Properly close startcenter when a score is opened from a link
  • Fix #101371: comment out the help engine initialization
  • Fix #100626: crash on copy that removes slur
  • Fix #99236 remove mscoreGlobalShare/sound from soundfont path
  • Fix #98756: Scaling of symbols in part set to scaling of full score
  • Fix #21448 Fix #98826 note input cursor ignores the staff scaling
  • Fix #98761: Deselecting a staff not possible via shift +up/down
  • Fix #87331: crash on full measure rest command with mmrest
  • Fix #98711: Crash on startup if displaying Start Center with 1.3 scores
  • Fix #63856: don't move rehearsal mark to beginning of system
  • Position fingering relative to accidental
  • Fix #95826: avoid crash when switching scores while in edit mode
  • Fix #88221: crash on create tuplet with hyphenated lyric
  • Fix #88061: bad staff spacing with lyrics in multiple voices
  • Fix #95051: bad melisma layout after hbox
  • Fix #97931: system initial barline type lost on reload
  • Fix #84156: ottava drawn to measure rest with notes in other voices
  • Fix #72721: don't show invisible lines if 'show invisible' is turned off
  • Fix #78421: Time Signature dialogs use Emmentaler and MuseScore 1 background color instead of Bravura and MuseScore 2 background color
  • Fix #53696: Export as audio gets stuck at 99% with some file and some soundfont
  • Fix #96971 suppress benign make release warnings
  • Fix #95636 changing first tick of a Spanner should update its index in the SpannerMap
  • Fix #97826: extra distance scaled incorrectly on reload
  • Fix #96951 remove debug warnings by explicitly casting enums to int
  • Fix #96626 signed chars for MidiMapping, StaffTypes, TextStyleType
  • Fix #96246: crash removing null lyric
  • Fix #5098: tpc corruption on copy of note
  • Fix #95461: add full measure rest in note input mode
  • Fix #95866: crash on export of fretboard diagram
  • Fix #95951 use signed chars for BeamMetric to fix ARM type limit issue causing long stems
  • Fix #95351, Fix #93131, also fix a crash when changing page arrangement with no score opened
  • Fix #92331: following chord deleted after voice change
  • Fix #95226: printing problems when using pageOffset
  • Fix #93006: layout shift due to overestimating size of courtesy signature
  • Fix #25763: allow full measure rests to be created in voices > 1
  • Prevent possible crash when cloning spanners
  • Fix #95076: Crash after a copy-paste chord symbols and Undo
  • Fix #33541: some elements can get marked invisible, but this doesn't get saved, so is lost on reload
  • Fix some texts for translation
  • Fix #93316: slur still lays out to deleted note
  • Fix #81731: Crash when repeatedly pressing Shift+A
  • Fix #84351: Crash when saving with instrument name selected and continuous view
  • Fix #93911: & in Volta text corrupts score
  • Fix #89951: preserve key signature when deleting first measure
  • Fix #89401: delete first measure removes timesig from parts
  • Fix #93946 : reset text to style in inspector not working for dynamics
  • Fix #94711: Crash when saving after deleting a staff from grand staff in score with parts
  • Fix #75311: Shortcut conflict, 'p' dynamic glyph and Plugin Creator
  • Fix #90766: bad layout with hbox at end of system followed by mmrest
  • Fix #86916: don't translate drumset shortcuts
  • Fix #90811: allow dots in filenames
  • Fix #91911: crash customizing palette with 'More Elements' enabled
  • Fix #92626: corruption when removing all existing staves and adding new ones
  • Fix #74801: Custom palettes not working on OS X
  • Fix copy/paste & palette add for figured bass & lyrics
  • Fix #91536: crash adding figured bass to palette
  • Fix #88746: unable to save files
  • Fix #88756 - Disable unnecessary actions in text editing states
  • Cheap Fix #88291: disable shift+left/right in cases where it fails
  • Fix #85641: preserve fingering user offset on paste
  • Fix TremoloBar drag&drop
  • Fix #86196: License text displayed in a hard to read font on Windows
  • Add property button to Bend and Fretboard Diagram in inspector
  • Fix #85781: allow slur and tie selection by voice
  • Fix #76006 append first measure before perform minWidth2() calculation
  • Fix #72051 : reset text to style causes HTML escaped sequences to disappear
  • Fixes #19155, #22861, #23100, snap glissando to notes, ability to add parallel glissandi.
  • Fix #74946: crash on paste with end segment in mmrest
  • Fix #78216 no courtesy key or time sig if section ends on non-measure
  • Fix #78196 courtesy clefs should not display on final measure of section if section break occurs on subsequent non-measure MeasureBase frames
  • Fix #83286: unable to tie with grace note in higher numbered track of instrument
  • Fix #71901: layout of cross staff seconds
  • Fix #75826: barline offset not saved
  • Fix #78261: text style not honored when adding repeat via double click
  • Fix #21950: Crash in Debugger, Layout button, in experimental mode (-e)
  • Fix #104171: Crash by flipping an articulation or ornament on a grace note
    Fix #84876: extend selection to left with last measure selected


  • Fix #19871: no swing on tuplets
  • Fix #71826 added test case, glissando playback was confused about which staff to measure line in
  • Fix #72091: sf2 volume discrepancies caused by attenuation handling, thanks @jimbo1qaz for the investigation in PR #2152
  • Improve sfz parser for ivyAudio piano
  • Fix #73531 ending measure has jump and repeat
  • Fix #73486 #73496 rewrite jumpToStartRepeat condition evalation reordered
  • Fix #65161 repeatlist unwind section by section
  • Fix loop final repeat marks ignored - #75566
  • Fix #100791: Wrong tempo after fermata if tempo change added in front


  • Fix typo in instruments.xml. see PR #2149
  • Fix Erhu channel.
  • Fix Tin Whistle short name
  • Fix barbershop template's upper range of bari/bass staff
  • Fix #103991: transpose some bugles and fix their clef


  • Album::createScore now tries to append all excerpts for each score.
  • Album: join only the scores and not the parts if the number of linked parts is different
  • Fix #78521 prevent segfault when append scores without any measures
  • Fix memory leak in Album()
  • Fix #76101 join score w/ generated initial clef

Piano roll

  • Fix #100536 [Feature Request] pitch up/down feature in the piano roll.
  • Fix #100551 : [Piano Roll] Unable to select a note that contains some events when it is sandwiched between normal notes.
  • Fix #100636 : [Piano Roll] The score view doesn't paint correctly when selection in the piano roll changes.


  • Add Irish language
  • Add Serbian Cyrillic (sr_RS) language (see #87871)
  • Fix #83276 set global layout direction for right to left languages
  • Use local encoding for Portaudio device and api and so display correctly chinese devices


  • Expose globalDuration to scripting
  • Make user home directory accessible to plugins
  • Fix #96631 Expose TextStyleTypes to QML
  • Fix #100181 update internal segment reference of cursor after addNote update plugins after fixing input position in Cursor.addNote added initial test run for cursor
  • Fix #90891: corrected references to first and last segment for QML definition
  • Static functions currently not callable from QML see also
  • Fix #93976 wrapper function for Ms::Score::firstSegment supporting QML and Ms::TimeSig::setSig
  • Fix #95821 expose result of Score::tempo(tick) as Cursor.tempo


High DPI

  • Fix exampleview.cpp for high DPI screens
  • Fix note_groups.ui for high DPI screens
  • Fix #95466: wrong size palettes with 0.8 scaling when using 120 DPI display
  • Fix #94856: some palettes too small on high DPI displays
  • improve drawing of radiobutton on retina display

MusicXML import/export

  • Fix #98136 - [MusicXML import] extra instrument when importing multi-instrument part starting with rest(s)
  • Fix #96386 - [MusicXML import] testSlurs2.xml failure
  • Fix #95366 - [MusicXML export] end repeat missing in multi-measure rest
  • Fix #85786 - Export then import of specific MusicXML file gives score with no notes
  • Fix #69566 - orruption importing MusicXML file with irregular triplet
  • Fix #70236 - import properly from MusicXML files with no staff names
  • Fix #72206: [MusicXML] Corrupted import if key signature is no minor or major
  • Fix #25982 - invalid MusicXML when instruments are missing from drumset
  • Fix #72211: [MusicXML] Import of Harmony and Forward/Backward create corrupted file
  • Fix #71876: MusicXML file import causes crash
  • Fix #59291 - [MusicXML export] System-crossing clef change not exported
  • Fix #46861: [MusicXML] Add support for melisma in import and export
  • Fix #59811 - Fermata over rest not exported to MusicXML
  • Set normal-type for MusicXML tuplets with unusual ratio
  • Fix #92871 : MusicXML notehead -filled- element not imported/exported
  • Fix #86636 : MusicXML import of tuplets yields elements with zero duration
  • Fix #14884 repeat start or repeat end on single measure is correctly imported from MusicXML files
  • Fix #92306 - crash when importing MusicXML with invalid time sig
  • Fix #88376 - MusicXML export does not export clefs after removing first measures
  • Fix #94596 - MusicXml - Lyric sylable output twice
  • Fix #93031 - invalid MusicXML for stafftext containing only formatting
  • Fix #18144 - MusicXML straight arpeggio don't export
  • Fix #43756 - export fingering to musicxml format is not correct

Other format import (GP, MIDI, Capella Ove)

  • Fix drum clef import in ove
  • Fix #20911: [Capella import] file with title results in several vertical frames, 2 containing nothing but a #
  • Fix #86921: Dots are not displayed in .gpx format
  • Fix #88021: Time signatures with compound-time are corrupted in .gpx format
  • GP6, do not try to import grace notes for now. Simple fix for common anacrusis.
  • Fix #88036: In a multivoices context, Voices 2-3-4 are lost in the .gpx format
  • Fix #98751: [GP6] Nylon guitar imported with the piano sound
  • Fix #99746: [GP6] Import of double dot causes infinite stems and leads to a crash
  • Fix #85856: MIDI import - better handling of Yamaha SG SysEx block

SVG Export

  • Fix #86686 9 SVG Export Improvements
  • Clean up exported svg, remove redundant g elements


  • Linux AppImage nightlies for x86_64, x86 and arm, thanks to @shoogle and @ericfont
  • Fix #57736 and improve Debian packaging to enable Ubuntu nightlies
  • Fix #72731 win32 large-address-aware
  • Make release tests pass
  • Fix for arm, where char by default is unsigned
  • Fix #76331: Linux Makefile uninstall target doesn't remove directories
  • Fix #76326: build only uses one processor core on Linux
  • Fix #72061: different splash image for development builds
  • fix compilation without script interface
  • Add freetype-2.6.1 as thirdparty
  • Fix #92521: make pulseaudio support optional

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